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Canto Bight Players Club – Episode VII: The Vegas Regional with Kalden Ficklin

In this episode of The Canto Bight Players Club, Mat sits down with Kalden Ficklin from the The Canto Bight Players Club, The Chance Cube’s competitive Star Wars: Destiny team, to talk his success at the Vegas regional. Mat is also joined by Seth Taylor to talk the current meta, deck building philosophy, and predictions about Worlds 2018.

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Fantasy Flight Preview – Way of the Force – Red Villain

One of the scariest villains in the Star Wars universe, General Grievous – Fearsome Cyborg (WF21), is making his second appearance in the upcoming Destiny release Way of the Force. And boy is he better. The Fearsome Cyborg also gets to bring along his favorite mode of transportation, the General Grievous Wheel Bike (WF31), a support vehicle that packs a punch. No Grievous appearance would be complete without an event that supports his penchant to wield lots of weapons, Furious Assault (WF23). These 3 cards round out the first set of Red spoilers we saw from FFG this week. Let’s take a second and really dissect these awesome Red Villian cards.

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